NetCitadel threat management and security analytics Message from NetCitadel Co-Founder & CEO, Mike Horn

Board of Directors

Krishna ‘Kittu’ Kolluri

General Partner, NEA

Director-Krishna-Kolluri:NetCitadel threat managementKrishna ‘Kittu’ Kolluri brings over 20 years of experience at the leading edge of the technology industry, with a focus on information technology and energy technology investments. He serves on the boards of a wide variety of startup companies in the energy and IT technology sectors, as well as the enterprise, infrastructure, services and consumer technology areas.

Prior to NEA, Kittu served as the Executive Vice President and General Manager for the Security Products Group at Juniper Networks, as a result of NetScreen’s acquisition by Juniper Networks in April 2004. Before Juniper and NetScreen, Kittu served for more than two and a half years as President and CEO of Neoteris, the leader of SSL-based Application Security Gateway market. Kittu’s educational background includes a B.Tech. (M.E.) from Indian Institute of Technology, Madras, India, and an M.S. in Operations Research from SUNY, Buffalo, NY.


Rohini Chakravarthy

Partner, NEA

Director-Rohini-Chakravarthy: NetCitadel threat managementMs. Chakravarthy is a Partner at NEA and focuses on information and energy technology investments. She is on the boards of Agni, Aquantia, Liveloop, EnVerv, Luxtera, Citrusleaf, NetCitadel, and Pinnacle Engines, and works closely with SuVolta, Vuclip, and other NEA portfolio companies. Her prior board involvements include Plusmo (acquired by AT&T) and Fusion-io (NYSE: FIO).

Prior to joining NEA, Rohini’s career included investment, management, and engineering positions with Cisco Systems, Intel Capital, and Bay Networks. She received an MBA from the MIT Sloan School of Management, an MSEE from Case Western Reserve University and a B.Tech from the Indian Institute of Technology–Madras in electrical engineering.


Larry Link

Independent Board Member

Director-Rohini-Chakravarthy: NetCitadel threat management

Mr. Link’s operating experience spans three decades and includes leadership roles at four well-known startups.  Most recently he was Senior VP of Worldwide Sales for Palo Alto Networks, growing the company from its first sale in 2007 to IPO in July 2012 at a run rate in excess of $400M per year.  Prior to this role, Mr. Link was Senior VP of Sales for Silver Peak Systems.  Before that, he ran Worldwide Sales at Neoteris from inception through its acquisition by Juniper Networks in April 2004.  Prior to Neoteris, Mr. Link ran Enterprise Sales for Excite@Home from its launch in 1996 through its IPO in 1997, and its subsequent merger with Excite in 1999.  He also is on the Board of Directors of Clutch Mobile, and is an advisor to several startups targeting the enterprise market.



Mike Horn

Co-founder & CEO

Team-Mike-Horn: NetCitadel threat managementMike brings over 15 years of experience solving challenging data networking and security problems for enterprises and service providers. It is this experience along with his passion for creating innovative new products that led him to co-found NetCitadel to change the way enterprises think about their network security.

Prior to co-founding NetCitadel, Mike held a variety of leadership positions in product management, engineering, and operations at companies including Vidder, Avistar, Level 3 and Virtela Communications. Mike also spent several years consulting for companies ranging from early stage startups to Fortune 500 technology companies on product strategy.


Theron Tock

Co-founder & CTO

Team-theron-tock: NetCitadel threat managementKnown as a visionary technologist, Theron has over 20 years of security and application development experience and has been awarded over 25 patents in the fields of networking and security.

Prior to co-founding NetCitadel, Theron was the co-founder and CTO at Neoteris, a pioneer in the SSL VPN appliance market, which was acquired by Netscreen and subsequently Juniper. The SSL VPN products Theron helped create remain a category leader today. Before co-founding Neoteris, Theron was the Chief Engineer at Healtheon/WebMD responsible for security infrastructure of the transaction processing platform.





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