NetCitadel threat management and security analytics Message from NetCitadel Co-Founder & CEO, Mike Horn


Bringing Threat Management and Intelligence to Enterprise Security

NetCitadel Threat Response threat management platform revolutionizes your Incident Response workflow by providing single-pane-of-glass context, analysis, and  rapid-response to the increasing volume and complexity of cyber attacks.  Traditional security devices were designed for static environments, relying on operator-defined policies that are aligned with the legacy security posture, and do not adapt well to the ongoing threat landscape.  The evolution of Advanced Persistent Threats (APTs), have reduced the effectiveness of traditional security enforcement point solutions, and lead to a new generation of threat detection and threat management technologies.TMP: NetCitadel threat management and security analytics

By developing a solution that actively links multi-vendor, security enforcement points with a variety of security intelligence offerings, Threat Response transforms traditionally rigid static security devices into dynamic threat management defenses capable of automatically responding to malicious attacks in real-time.

The Threat Response Threat Management Advantage

NetCitadel Threat Response Threat Management Platform allows you to:

  • Respond rapidly to detected security events to minimize and eliminate the potential damage from individual threats.
  • Implement pro-active defenses that span entire enterprise infrastructures in a matter of seconds.
  • Extend Return On Investment (ROI) for legacy security infrastructure by embedding dynamic threat intelligence without upgrading or replacing the existing devices.


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